Selena Gomez rocks in Red and White Bikini


Selena flaunts her trimmed bikini body in the first look photos of her musical video ‘Ice Cream’

Selena Gomez is all set for new musical video and is looking fantastically gorgeous in her latest project. The “Come and Get it” singer took Instagram on 26th August to share her gorgeous snaps from her upcoming project and the Blackpink song ‘Ice Cream’.

Selena Gomez for sure had a one major fitness goal as she looks amazingly stunning in the snap. In the snap Selena Gomez can be seen posing in a red and white striped bikini; along with a white cap which is somewhat similar to the cap the ice cream truck drivers wear and satin gloves.  She is posing in front of what seems to be an ice cream truck showing us that million dollar smile.

Selena Gomez captioned the snap with ice cream emojis , which somehow made the post a little more eye catching.

Within just few minutes, Selena’s comment section was filled fans quick comments. Some fans called her “Vintage Queen”, while some called her “Beautiful” and some wrote “We are ready”. Some fans just replied with more ice cream emojis; all this showed that the fans are actually very excited for the release of the musical video.

The fans have flooded the social media to express their excitement ever since the South Korean girl Band “BLACKPINK” has revealed that the mysterious artist to feature in their video is non-other than Selena Gomez. Both have admired each -others work since long and are finally having their much awaited fruitful collaboration.

Selena Gomez’s new tune with the South Korean girl band Blackpink is set to be released on 28th August. This is the second single off of “BLACKPINK’s” first Korean language studio album, “BLACKPINK: The Album”.

selena gomez

The 2-D poster of Selena Gomez was the second teaser; whereas the first teaser was a group video chat of Selena and the BLACKPINK; while there was an upbeat tune from the song is on play in the background. This was released on 24th August which delighted the fans very much and with the release of the poster; the excitement of the fans can be barely contained.  

Before the announcement of the collaboration, Selena was busy showing off her cooking skills on HBO Max series “Selena + Chef”.

Apart from singing and cooking, Selena Gomez is sometimes seen acting. Selena Gomez’s has appeared on several Television shows and films. And for the most recent one she is rumoured to be in the cast of the upcoming horror movie series “Scream 5”; although it’s not confirm if the rumour is true or not.

On a very recent episode of “Selena+Chef”, Selena received a phone call from a mysterious “Cute Boy”; which left her adorably blushing during the moment. While she admits that she got distracted after asking the cute boy to call her back; her grandmaa couldn’t help but endlessly tease Selena when she asked what to do by saying; “You’re cooking, He’s waiting”.    


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